Member Materials

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For many years, an informal Highway 23 Coalition has been seeking state funding to complete the two four-lane gaps between Willmar and I-94. The Coalition has now formally organized to unite communities and businesses along the corridor from Marshall to St. Cloud and promote a continuous four-lane connection from Willmar to I-94.


Highway 23 is the second longest state route in Minnesota traveling from the South Dakota border to Duluth and, yet, the majority of the route remains a two-lane highway. At this time, the Highway 23 Coalition has chosen to focus on the corridor from Marshall to I-94. The Coalition's first efforts are to advocate for a four-lane connection from Willmar to I-94, which it believes is essential to West Central Minnesota’s economy and workforce.  In this six-county region, more than 1,138 transportation-related businesses with 30,000 employees will directly benefit from this highway modification. Accessibility is required to attract and retain manufacturing jobs, businesses and skilled employees.  


The Coalition has adopted an initial budget with the majority of the revenues coming from membership dues from units of government, businesses, and organizations.  For businesses and organizations, there are four levels of membership:




$ 500


$ 250


$ 100

And for government units, there are five membership levels based on population size:

Counties with Population >35,000

Supporter: $2,000        Advocate: $3,000

Counties with Population <35,000

Supporter: $1,000        Advocate: $1,500

Cities with Population >7,500

Supporter: $2,000        Advocate: $3,000

Cities with Population <7,500

Supporter: $1,000        Advocate: $1,500

Townships (Any Size) 

Supporter: $200        Advocate: $300